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Just engaged? Now what?

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

What an exciting time for you and your hunny! So much to do, so much excitement. It can feel overwhelming. We get it. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, all searching the same keywords. Venues, Ideas, Dresses, Decor. You have so many ideas, how do you handle it all?

Firstly, (and most importantly)

Enjoy the experience of being engaged! Relax, sip some wine, and take it all in. Really focus on YOUR vision of the perfect day.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Trust me when I say this, we will help calm the nerves, the 2 am google searches, the stress of needing to do it all with not enough time. A Wedding Planner is not just for those who have no idea what they want, it's for those who know everything they want but still need someone to orchestrate the big day. We will help with the whole timeline of planning, budget management, venue search, vendor search, bridal dress recommendations, you name it!

Starting with a consultation- we will, as a team, come up with your fine tuned vision board and execution plan!

Venue Search

Have the idea of your perfect day but don’t know what venues can actually set the tone? We’ve got this handled. You tell us your vision, we’ve got top venues for every budget, style, and ambiance ready to show you!

Vendor Search

Now that we together have are created a bond, a plan of action, and found your perfect venue- its time to roll in the vendors. The photographer to capture each special moment for you to look back on for the rest of your life. The band to set the tone, and include some of your favorite tunes you share as a couple. The catering team that can beautifully create your favorite dishes you and your loved one share. The cake company that will bake into perfection your perfect wedding cake that he may shove in your face. (whoops just kidding, we know how important that makeup is. We won’t let him do that.)

Whatever your perfect day looks like to you- We are here to put it all into play.

Contact MK Events today to start this beautiful process. We can’t wait to meet you!

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